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MakeNet on Discord

Join the MakeNet Discord community at Princeton University where we as students, faculty, and staff come together to share our passion for making! Connect with fellow makers, learn of opportunities, get questions answered, and receive feedback on your projects/ideas! Let’s collaborate, innovate, and create together!

Join the MakeNet Discord

  1. Create a Discord account
  2. Request an invite link using your email account
  3. Join the server and take a look around
  4. Read and agree to the server rules to officially join
  5. Introduce yourself on the #introductions channel

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Discord?

Discord is social messaging platform with apps for web, mobile, and desktop. It’s like a private chatroom where you can share ideas, ask questions, and host virtual events. To find out more you can visit their website at

Can I Use a Discord Account I Made with My Personal Email?

Yes. What’s important to us is confirming your status as an active university community member. We do this by sending a confirmation code to your email account. Once you’ve entered the code, you can use the invite link with your personal Discord account.

I’m Not Associated with Princeton, but Want to Join

MakeNet is for current Princeton University students, staff, faculty, and alumni only. You must have an email address to join.

I Have an Opportunity to Share on MakeNet, but Don’t Want to Join

No problem. Send a description or link to and a member of our team will post it to the #opportunities channel. You’ll receive a confirmation email from us after we make the post.